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Total Sessions: 116

Course NameDescriptionLocationMax Size
$10 - Hiking in Kananaskis country - ALL DAYSpend the whole day exploring beautiful Kananaskis country. We will hike parts of the Elbow Valley trail and connect with Riverview for a scenic 9 km hike with 300 m of elevation. Please bring lunch, snacks, at least two water bottles (1.5 L total), proper footwear (no sneakers) and enough layers for Alberta weather. If time allows, we may even stop in Bragg Creek for a treat (bring money). Ten dollar ($10) gas fee will be charged for this Edventure.Meet in front of the Cafeteria44
$10 - Inside the World of Luxury Fashion - ALL DAYJoin us for a full day of luxury fashion and style. Begin with a trip to the Christian Dior fashion exhibit at the Glenbow Museum and then explore the luxury shopping industry today.Meet inside Crowfoot C-Train Station38
$14 - Be a Mentour with The Learning Program - ALL DAYClay making Movie at Crowfoot Cineplex Helping Learning Program students with all activitiesLearning Program Classrooms (026/027)6
$15 - Soccer Center Session - ALL DAYBuild your soccer skills at a day-long academy session! The focus will be on developing your understanding of the game in both individual skill development, and advanced tactical drills. Players will be taking a bus from the school to the soccer facility in the morning, and returning to the school on the bus at the end of the school day.Meet in front of Work Experience Office38
$15 - Spill the Tea and Make Some PieLearn the basics or making a pie crust and a classic filling such as apple, blueberry, or pumpkin. All supplies will be provided.11318
$17 - Intro to Glass MakingThis workshop will guide you through an exploration of the possibilities of fused glass. We will learn the basics of glass cutting and you will be able to experiment with design possibilities using a wide variety of frit, sheet glass and iridized glass. You will great to create your own 4x4" glass tile creation! 320/32160
$20 - Zoo Visit - ALL DAYVisit the ZooMeet in Space by Courtyard exit36
$25 - Rock Climbing & Outdoor Adventure - ALL DAYYou will spend the morning at the BRAND NEW climbing gym 'Rocky' learning the basics of climbing including how to belay. We will then head to Edworthy park for a picnic lunch and in the afternoon we will be doing a inner-city hike. For climbing please bring indoor running shoes, water, a lunch & gym clothes (pants/leggings are recommended, not shorts). For hiking please bring good walking shoes & appropriate layers (weather dependent). Meet in Space in front of The Dock72
$30 - Golf - 9 Hole Cochrane Golf Course - ALL DAYCome prepared to enjoy a day of golf. Equipment needs to be provided by the students. Club rentals are available for a fee.Meet in front of the Band Room36
$45 - Mountain bike tour of Glenbow Ranch - ALL DAYEnjoy a day of mountain biking while exploring Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park with a guided tour, followed up with an ice cream in CochraneMeet in front of Main Office38
$5 - Be your own Bob Ross: A self-guided "PaintNite"Come and explore your inner artist! You will have the opportunity to pick from a variety of paintings to recreate, follow youtube instructional videos, or go rogue and paint your own way! Whether Bob Ross, Jackson Pollock, or just you, release your inner painter! No experience necessary.210/21236
$5 - Be your own Bob Ross: A self-guided PaintNiteCome and explore your inner artist! You will have the opportunity to pick from a variety of paintings to recreate, follow youtube instructional videos, or go rogue and paint your own way! Whether Bob Ross, Jackson Pollock, or just you, release your inner painter! No experience necessary.210/21236
$5 - Build Your Own Bee HotelBy the end of the two-hour session, you will have completed your very own bee hotel that you are free to take home. The instructor will provide all necessary tools and materials. There is a five-dollar fee to participate. Please save the bees!18530
$5 - Edible Science

Use the power of Science to make tasty treats

$5 - Making (and eating) creampuffsMake cream puffs! Impress your friends and family with pastry skills!Culinary Arts Kitchen29
$5 - Nail ArtDuring this session you will learn the correct technique of nail painting on your own nails, friends nails, and false(plastic) nails. You will have over 5 patterns to choose from and all of the tools and polish will be provided.21430
3 on 3 Basketball Tournament 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament Gym44
3 on 3 Volleyball Tournament 3 on 3 Volleyball TournamentGym44
Animal Rescue and CareAnimal Rescue Foundation (ARF) has rescued thousands of dogs and cats and is coming to tell you about it! Learn about the organization, the medical care they provide, and what fostering/adopting a dog or cat really en-TAILS. If available and no parvo outbreak, the presenters will also bring some cute puppies to join the presentation.20935
Arctic Expedition

Arctic Expedition

Basics of Drawing and IllustrationBasics of Drawing and IllustrationArt Room38
BIKES FOR A CAUSE - ALL DAYDo you love to bike? Do you like helping others? In this session you will get to participate in a charity bike program. You will learn bike skills such to change a flat tire, checking geared and ungeared bikes, putting on bells / reflectors, etc. You will learn valuable bike maintence skills through fixing up donated bikes for charity. This is a full day session at a garage off-site. Transportation will be provided, pack a bag lunch.Meet at the Tables in the middle of the Space20
Bullet Journalling for BeginnersAn introduction to the Bullet Journal - an analog tool for the future!310/31255
Check in with Mrs. Drake

Catch up!

Success Hub0
Chem 30 TutorialChem 30 Tutorial31435
Crazy For You Musical Students - ALL DAY

Helping or participating in the musical all day.

Documentary ArtCome watch a documentary on an artist and have some fun responding to that art style!220/22170
Father's Day is coming! Are you ready?Rubber stamp a card and gift card holder for Fathers day. Nothing says "I love you Dad" like a piece of paper folded in half. Gift card not included.21728
Hacking Challenge- Web Security Hacking For Good Workshop - ALL DAYLearn how to "hack" web platforms through an interactive, hands on, workshop. Session will be lead by an outside expert, K. Underwood. Compete in a vast number of hacking challenges of varying difficulty where the user is supposed to exploit the underlying vulnerabilities of the website. Your hacking progress will be tracked on a score board, with a chance for prizes!020/02170
Homework Time!Quiet Study hall where students can get their work done22938
I need to get work doneTime during Ed-venture day to just get caught up with some work.2938
In defense of BatmanBruce Wayne, who witnessed the murder of his billionaire parents as a child, swore to avenge their deaths. He trained extensively to achieve mental and physical perfection, mastering martial arts, detective skills, and criminal psychology. Costumed as a bat to prey on the fears of criminals, and utilizing a high-tech arsenal, he became the legendary Batman. And here lies the question??_ In defense of Batman, is a philosophy course that discusses the ethics of Batman and what you believe your moral and ethical intuitions tells you about the question??_ when Batman fights crime for those who cannot defend themselves???is he morally or ethically justified in doing so?1040
Known Excused Absences

Known Excused Absences

Somewhere Else0
Korean 101 - Learn the basics!Spend the session learning the basics of the Korean language. Learn how to introduce yourself, order menu items, and have some cool treats!20636
Learning Program

Learning Program students ONLY


Learning Program0
Math 30-1 ReviewCome to review, relearn all the ideas and topics covered in Math 30-1 and practice diploma like questions.21738
Math 31 ReviewCome to review, relearn all the ideas and topics covered in Math 31 (AP students included)21738
Mindfulness- Keeping your cool when life heats upPractising mindfullness and stress release options- please wear comfy clothes31724
Powerlifting For Beginners

Are you interested in learning how to lift weights and get stronger, but the idea of going to a gym or the Fitness Centre intimidates you? This session will focus on the core barbell lifts (squats, deadlifts, presses and bench press) and the essentials of how to build a strength training program that works for you. THIS IS INTENDED FOR BEGINNERS AND THOSE WITH MINIMAL EXPERIENCE.

Fitness Centre15
Snakes and Lattes - Board Game Cafe Come play some all time favorite board games while sipping on some warm drinks with friends. 30935
Study HallIf you need a day to catch up on school work or get some peer help, come to study hall where you can either work independently or in small quiet groups.Upper Learning Commons66
Thirsk Fine Arts Musical Production: Crazy For You (Block 2 and 3) - SESSION 2 AND 3Come and see Thirsk??s own Musical Theatre and Show Band Performers come together to put on an amazing Tony Award winning musical! This Broadway show starts on the busy streets of New York and takes us to a dusty town in Nevada. Follow a fun and crazy love story full of mixed identities and hilarious characters as the cast comes together to try and save a theatre in the middle of nowhere. Full of witty dialogue, live singing, music and dance, this Broadway spectacular is a guaranteed fun time.Theatre200
Track Meet - ALL DAY

At a Track Meet all day, so no Edventure day registration possible.

Track Meet57
Walk a Mile in Their Shoes - an Exploration of Poverty in CalgaryCanadians living on a low income face difficult decisions every day about things most of us take for granted. Take part in an interactive experience to enhance your understanding of poverty in Calgary.32635
Yoga Triple Header - A Yoga Retreat in Kensington - ALL DAYTravel to a yoga studio in Kensington to attend multiple yoga classesMeet outside RTHS Yoga room16